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Public Relations


Collaborative Projects

On an annual basis, QCEF supports business development in promoting collaborative work, implements internal and external resources in providing multi-disciplinary culture and art fest. The collaborative efforts would not be without local museums including the National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Science Education Center, as well as the likes of Taiwanese media companies such as udnFunLife and Media Sphere Communications Ltd.

Museum and Educational Collaboration

In greater strengthening the promotion of creative learning through art, we combine resources and efforts between the Foundation and collaborative museums to showcase rare collections, for display and educational outreach activities, for an up close and intimate understanding of each piece that they would otherwise may never have the opportunity to embrace.

Exhibition Collaboration

Through gathering the newest trends in art, culture and education, we have conducted informative research and comprehensive survey to provide the best, personalized service and program through selective collaborations with institutions in art and literature to bring innovation to new ideas and themes for a thrilling experience for all participants involved.