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Quanta Culture & Education Foundation

Establish & Milestone

  • 1999 — The year QCEF was established. Mr. Barry Lam was positioned as chairman of the board, paving the way for the four key projects: art heritage, environmental protection, science and technology education, as well as social welfare. Named "Quanta Computer Education Foundation", the first Executive Director is Mr. Tim Lee.
  • 2000 — In effort to greater embed multi-cultural education, the Board of Directors unanimously welcomed Mr. Hsiao-Yi Chin, formerly the Dean of the National Palace Museum, as honorary chairman.
  • 2005 — Maximizing efforts and benefits from the limited resources for art education, the focus has turned to promotional awareness in meeting the cultural and educational objectives. Thus forth, Quanta Computer Education Foundation is officially recognized as “Quanta Culture & Education Foundation.”
  • 2006 — Following the promotion of the Foundation's objectives, Ms. Yang Xiuyue takes position as the second Executive Director, shouldering the responsibility of Quanta "Immersed in Creativity" program and educational promotion.
  • 2012 — Western advanced education concepts were introduced into Taiwan, and the topic of advancing education became popular. The third Executive Director, Lori Hsu, took over the task. In addition to deepening “Immersed in Creativity,” she also began to study Quanta “Design Learning” program. And include science and technology education in the promotion of foundations.
  • 2018 — With the advent of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, the "Quanta Immersed in AI"program officially launches with the goal of inspiring elementary school students' interest in programming languages and nurturing their communication skills for the future world, as technology education takes root and spreads downward.

Program History

  • 2004 — Quanta "Immersed in Creativity" was officially launched on January 1. The first theme exhibition was "Max Liu – Forever a Child at Heart."
  • 2008 — The charitable donations from the employees of Quanta Group introduced the Quanta “Creative DNA Scholarship” on the principle of dedicated funds to support disadvantaged students with artistic potential to continue pursuing their interests and education, reducing the financial burden on their families.
  • 2009 — After considering the “Immersed in Creativity,” and presenting the first Quanta Immersed in Creativity Award, QCEF provides the participating schools, teachers and students, a platform for social exchange in educational learning and performance.
  • 2009 — When the devastation of Typhoon Morakot affected Taiwan, Chairman Barry Lam offered full support through QCEF with combined resources through donations by the Quanta Group and Quanta employees establishing the "Five-Year Action Plan to Rebuild Schools."
  • 2013 — Based on “Immersed in Creativity,” Executive Director Lori Hsu through great efforts, formally introduces the Quanta "Design Learning" program.
  • 2014 — The Quanta Global Culture Ambassador was designed to provide and open platform for dialogue between Taiwanese students and the world through engaging cultural interactions with the international candidates.
  • 2018 — Chairman of the board, Barry Lam, expresses that as the trends in science and technology changes, Lam encourages the competitiveness in science and technology starting with the primary and middle school aged students. Executive Director Lori Hsu is since responsible for the expansion of Quanta "Immersed in AI ".
  • 2018 — Following the trend of the digital learning era, QCEF partners with PaGamO, an online learning platform, in launching the Quanta “Education Through Gaming,” incorporating a love of art in children, with educational gaming.
  • 2019 — Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding, the "Education Forum on the AI Generation" was organized, combining four famous figures such as Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, and Zao Wou-ki to launch the theme exhibition "The Position of Innovation - The Transformation of Classics" and held it at the Huashan Cultural and Creative Festival in Taipei The park cooperates with Japan's "Change! Biological Experience Exhibition" to lead teachers to understand Japan's educational culture.
  • 2021 — Co-develop and launch Quno hardware teaching aids and Qblock software teaching materials with Quanta Research Institute, and cooperate with "Quanta Immersed in AI" course to promote public welfare education on campus.
  • 2021 — Quanta Creative AI Coding Competition, in response to the epidemic, the first and second finals were combined and held grandly at the Miaoli Arena, with hundreds of teams of students from all over Taiwan participating.
  • 2021 — Launching the program " Forward, Art lntelligence", hosted by the CEO of Quanta Cultural and Educational Foundation Lori Hsu Serving as the host, each episode provides insight into an educational problem and proposes N solutions to promote educational innovation.
  • 2022 — During the epidemic control period, the campus suspended class activities and cooperated with the Statistics Teaching Center of National Taiwan University"Quanta Drawing Questionnaire -The Survey on Student's Learning At Home and In School During the Pandemic", a two-stage large-sample survey was conducted across Taiwan. The survey method was different from the traditional text questionnaire structure and mainly used pictures for actual measurement and analysis. The results are made into NFT and put on the world's largest OpenSea trading platform for charity sales.
  • 2022 — Which has been filmed for three years, Quanta "Design Learning"documentary"6 1/2 Idea Lab", held a premiere event on the 10th anniversary of the project's launch, and simultaneously launch Chairman Mr. Barry Lam Chinese character ten in calligraphy NFT.
  • 2022 — The 10th anniversary of Quanta's "Design Learning", "The Forum for Learning Designers".
  • 2023 — Sign MOU with New Taipei City Government and launch "Quanta Immersed in AI"5-year programming education plan, working together to build the largest "programmer training base" in Taiwan.


  • 2000 — 3rd Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2001 — 4th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2002 — 5th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award/Special Award
  • 2002 — MOE Social Education Promotional Contribution Group
  • 2003 — 6th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2004 — 7th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2006 — 8th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2008 — 9th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2010 — 10th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2011 — MOE Highlights Foundation Award
  • 2013 — WISE Awards Finalist
  • 2014 — MOE 1st Arts Education Contribution Award (Excellence Group Award)
  • 2015 — MOE Social Education Award (Group Award)
  • 2017 — 13th Arts & Business Awards (Long-term Sponsorship Award)
  • 2017 — “Think BIG of Learning 100” (Leader of Education Innovation Award)
  • 2019 — MOE 6th Arts Education Contribution Award (Excellence Group Award)
  • 2019 — 14th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2019 — Future Education Taiwan 100 Excellent Program
  • 2021 — 15th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award
  • 2023 — 16th Arts & Business Awards Golden Award