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QCEF comprises of the Executive Director, Ms. Lori Hsu, and the other 18 passionate individuals coming from different fields with specialties

in arts, science, education, history, economy, technology and more!

We come together from different backgrounds and professions with the same ideal—to dedicate ourselves to the future of Taiwan, and the world.

Executive Director / Lori Hsu

Graduated from National Taiwan University EMBA and National Taipei University College of Business, Hsu has accumulated 15 years of experience within the financial sector in investment management and marketing business, additionally having managed the TSMC and Quanta computer human resources since 2009. In 2012, she has since been designated as Executive Director of QCEF, incorporating the ideals and enthusiasm for talent cultivation into multi-cultural education, in advancing the goal of art-inspired creativity and technology-based education.



Art & Culture Education Division

Using art and culture as a bridge, we will work through the essence of education to improve the learning atmosphere of the education, generate innovative educational value, and make teaching and learning more interesting! Introduce innovating critical thinking skills through observation and nurturing the children's ability to face the challenges of the future. The multi-faceted and enriching activities include: exhibition curating, education research, learning resource development, education promotion, international cultural exchange, establishment of reward platform and evaluation statistics. The programs dedicated to this purpose are: "Immersed in Creativity," “Immersed in Creativity Overseas,” “Immersed in Creativity Awards,” “Global Culture Ambassadors,” educational research, educational cooperation, “Teacher Workshop,” “Student Tour Guide Training” and “Creative DNA scholarship.”

Director of Art & Culture Education Division / Hitomi Wu

Having acquired the Master of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Wu has a wealth of experience in the mastery of arts, served as a children’s art teacher for two years, experienced in design and gallery website, furthermore dedicated her experience at the National Taipei University of Education. In this time, she has conducted courses and directed research, managed international teacher workshops and educational competitions. Finally, in 2004, Wu joins QCEF in partaking the progress and development of a better future for Taiwan’s education system.


Technology & Innovation Education Division

The Technology & Innovation Education Division is committed to the enlightenment of innovative science and technology in Taiwan’s education. In cultivating the critical thinking of primary and secondary school students by enhancing technological literacy and programming skills as part of an ever evolving and innovative trends in education. The research and development boosts passion and morale in the teachers' abilities in creative teaching, theme curriculum integration, and the implementation of resources in digital literacy. Such enriching programs include: “Immersed in AI,” “Design Learning,” and “Education through Gaming.” Combining the power of science and technology to nurture skills in critical thinking, teamwork, open expression and creativity.

Director of Technology & Innovation Education Division / JR Liao

Having studied with Masters in Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics in the Tainan National University of Arts, Liao offers years of experience in exhibition curation, research and exhibition-based education in the field of museums. She joins QCEF in 2008, bringing forth her specialty in research and communication, with the belief that only by transforming research planning energy into innovation power, can we develop educational programs in enlightening children's confidence, independence, critical thinking and creativity to better drive a brighter future and positive impact in society.

General affairs Division

The General affairs Division plays a supporting role in QCEF. Through the public relations, promotional and volunteer service, the Public Affairs department supports the business development and activities through finance, human resources and general affairs in pursuit of excellence in growth and development of the Foundation.