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In the ever-changing era of technology, QCEF launches their newest program to date, “Education through Gaming.” In close collaboration with a local online learning platform, PaGamO, QCEF adopts the game-based learning approach to Immersed in Creativity’s art resources outside the classroom walls. Only requiring an internet access and a computer or mobile device, students learn to be acquainted with art anytime, anywhere with proactive learning and fundamental knowledge of art appreciation.
PaGamO InterfaceImmersed in Creativity Example Question
Course information of Immersed in CreativityThe Paintbrush-less Quanta Art Class
  • Implementation
  • The efficiently interactive material in "The Paintbrush-less Quanta Art Class" task area and “Quanta Immersed in Creativity Zone" on the PaGamO platform teaches students to virtually construct a virtual museum terrain and rewarded with special collective treasures for answering questions complete tasks.
  • Through interactive gaming, we encourage cultivating a sense of art appreciation in young minds throughout the primary and secondary schools, the “Quanta National Museum Art eSports Competition” is held annually, integrating “Art” to “Technology” and “Game” in creating a fun and creative way to learn, enhance creativity and imagination.