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Quanta Immersed in Creativity (IIC)

With the goal of providing access cultural resources and opportunities for students to express themselves, this program organizes cultural resources into themes using replicas to create educational exhibitions tailored to primary and secondary school aged students from all walks of life. The exhibitions are coordinated in schools throughout urban areas, remote villages, outlying islands and abroad, expanding in region as well as curiosity and love of learning in children. By broadening the minds of students with multi-faceted aspects of culture (such as aesthetics and lifestyle), the Foundation trains students as painting interpreters through interactive methods in nurturing their confidence, skills in critical thinking and oral expression to think outside the box, develop and share their ideas creatively.

The Quanta IIC Program implements 5 activities in their collaborations: 

The Touring Exhibition

In collaboration with international and local museums, galleries, art and educational professionals, QCEF produces educational exhibitions based on various themes via replicas, for educational touring purposes, in designated schools for a period of two to four weeks.

Education Promotion

In collaboration with the various ministries in Taiwan including the Ministry of Education, Justice, and Cultural Affairs, in cooperation with multiple Departments of Education, and schools nationwide, QCEF recruits various schools in Taiwan and South East Asia as contributors and participants in the Quanta IIC Program. Teachers are encouraged to integrate the exhibition theme in their curriculum, to further promote art education and cultivating art appreciation throughout their daily lives, from a young age.

Teacher’s Workshop

In collaboration with the selective elites in the field of art, QCEF provides a unique learning experience for teachers to attend in-depth lectures in gaining a deeper and thorough understanding of the exhibitions, the aesthetic elements and implementation of art education as a discipline in their curriculum.

Creative Curriculum

QCEF partners with teachers throughout Taiwan in encouraging the use of resources to drive creativity in designing their curriculum to encourage implementation of creative education and a passion for education in teachers and students alike.

Student Docent Training

In collaboration with multiple museums spanning across the island such as the National Palace Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Taiwan History, e.g., QCEF offers unique courses, such as “Tour Guide,” “Body Expression,” and “Art Museum Visits” to equip students with in-depth, hands-on experiences. Through this program, students greatly excel through attaining key life skills in verbal expression, independent learning, critical thinking and problem solving.