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The “Immersed in Creativity” Exhibition

From 2004 until now, we have produced 22 exhibitions related to the Eastern culture, Western art and culture, Environmental art and others.

The Series on Eastern Art and Culture

2004-Present  Art’s Naughty Boy –Max Liu – Explore Heaven and Earth
2005-2008  From the Forgotten Deserts: Centuries of Dazzling Dunhuang Art
2007-Present  Sung Dynasty Cultural Exhibition
2010-Present  A Tide of “Song” Fun the Song Dynasty that is!
2011-Present  Landscape Reunited: Huang Gonwang and “Dwelling in the Fuchu Mountains”

The Series on Western Art and Culture

2004-2005 People of the World
2004 Vanishing Leagues-Images of Workers, Photography by Chou Ching-hui
2006-2007 Magic Pencil
2006-2010 Photography from Africa
2007-2010 Play with Lines
2008-2012 The Dream World of NIKI de Saint Phalle
2008-Present Millet
2010-2012 Embracing Van Gogh, Exploring Life’s Palette
2011-Present The Beauty and Love of Marc Chagall
2012-Present Bravo! Picasso! - The 20th Century’s Art Magician

 The Series on Environmental Art

2004 Open Your Eyes Campus Exhibition
2006 In the Womb
2009-2012 Discovering the Secrets in the Sky
2010-Present Singing Insects
2012-Present It’s Our Future, Make the Save!

Sponsored Cooperation in Art and Cultural Promotion

The sponsored fields are included Eastern culture, Western art, local art events, environment science, social welfare and others.
1999  “The World of Zhang Daqian”, “The Tales of Sanxingdui” 
2000  “921 Children Painting Competition” “Bazaar of Yo-Yo Ma’s -The Charity Album For 921 Earthquake”
2001 “Mesopotamia Exhibition”, “Cursive”, “Taichi Archways”, “Three Hundred Years of French Painting”
2002 “Wu Ma Li -Fifth Venice International Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition” , “Eighth Venice Architecture Biennale”, “Emperor Ch’ien-lung Grand Cultural Enterprise”, “Matisse Exhibition”
2003 “The Modern Painting of Matisse”, “Land of Spirit and Mystery- Glimpses of Indian Civilization”, “Travel Around the City”, “Ancient Egyptian Art from the Louvre”, “Kid’s Creative Painting Competition”, “Taoyuan Lotus Season”
2004 “Top Ten Public Art Pieces in the World”, “People of the World”, “Matisse/ Picasso Discovery Workshop”, “Wandering Project”
2005 “Magic Pencil”, “Climax- The Highlights of Arts Electronica”, “Vivienne Westwood”, “New Spectacles- Contemporary International Pottery Exhibition”, “Mr. Ching Siao-yi Calligraphy and Art Collection Exhibition”, “From the Forgotten Deserts:Centuries of Dazzling Dunhuang Art”, “In the Womb”
2006 “Photography from Africa”, “Taiwan Artists Today”, “Falling in Love with Modern Dance”, “Wandering Land: Virtual World and Organic Formula”, “Taoyuan County Art Festival for Kids”, “Taiwan Connection: Mozart Festival”
2007 “Present Sung Dynasty Cultural Exhibition”, “Play with Lines”, “Treasures of the World’s Cultures- The British Museum after 250 Years”, “The World and Fantasy of NIKI de Saint Phalle”, “Fantastic Dream with Truly Star”, “The Chronicles of Kaiyodo”, “Asian Ceramic Delta”
2008 “Millet and His Time: Masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay”, “Taiwan Ceramics Biennale”, “Taipei Arts Awards”, “Kaiyodo Toy Exhibition”, “Fifth Shanghai Children Arts Festival”, “Quanta Music Lunch Box”
2009 “Embracing Van Gogh, Exploring Life’s Palette”, “Third Taiwan Designers' Week”, “Cai Guo-Qiang- Hanging Out in the Museum”, “Zhejiang Culture Festival”, “Telescope Exhibition”, “Wall• Bench• Play”
2010 “Singing Insects”, “Dynastic Renaissance- Art and Culture of Southern Song”, “Manet to Picasso”, “2010 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale”, “Forth Taiwan Designers' Week”, ”TCAF Ten Lessons of Angels" ”
2011 “Celebration by Marc Chagall”, “Landscape Reunited: Huang Gonwang and ‘Dwelling in the Fuchu Mountains’”, “Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso-Paris”, “The Memorial Exhibition of Max Liu”
2012 “Come to Our Future: Climate Change” “Salvador Dali- Mind of Genius”, “The Stunning Pop-up Books”