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2.4 million visitors have experienced the beauty of “Immersed in Creativity”.
16,000 Student Vanguards interpreted their passions aroused by the exhibit art and artifacts.
22 Educational Exhibitions have been planned to present Eastern art and culture, Western art and culture & Environmental Art.


0 - No city is left out of “Immersed in Creativity”
6 - Immersed in Creativity is spread island-wide and on 6 outlying islands
12 -The exhibition tour was hosted at the smallest school in Taiwan - Dung Ju Primary School at Lienchiang County, a school with only 12 students.
1,000 - 1000 Exhibitions toured throughout Taiwan in 9 years.
2,250 - 2250 meters in altitude was the location of the highest exhibition spot in Taiwan- Taichung City Municipal Li Shan Elementary & Junior High School
31,012 - 31,012KM is the distance we travel island-wide annually, which is equivalent to 34.8 times around the island


1000 creative curricula have been presented from enthusiastic teachers.
100 sponsorship plans have been implemented in education and culture fields.
With an enthusiastic heart and great partners, we endeavor to boost Taiwan's culture education.

Recognition through Awards

QCEF has received recognition by government agencies for the long-term dedication in education and culture promotion.
2000 3rd Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2001 4th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2002 5th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award/ Special Award - from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
        Organization Promoting Social Education Award - from Ministry of Education
2003 6th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2004 7th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2006 8th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2008 9th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2010 10th Arts & Business Award-Golden Award- from Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
2011 Outstanding Foundation Award - from Ministry of Education
Research by Academics
The Immersed in Creativity project has run for 9 years, and as a result many individuals have conducted research about it in the fields of art, education promotion, local development and others.
1. Millet in Penghu-A Study of Teachers from Primary and Secondary Schools of Outlying Island of Taiwan Participating in Culture and Education Foundation Sponsored School Art Exhibitions and Activities
Researcher: Tin-yun Lin (National Changhua University of Education) 2011
2. The Application of the “Mobile Gallery” Resources to the Art Education Practices in an Elementary School
Researcher: Yi-ying Chiang (National Changhua University of Education) 2010
3. Research on the Professional, Autonomic and Practical Instruction in the Arts of the Junior High School Teachers by Culture and Education Foundation.-Taking "Immersed in Creativity " from Quanta Culture and Education Foundation For Example            
Researcher: Hui-Ching Yang (National Hsinchu University of Education) 2010.06
4. Exploring How to Realize the Public Interests from the case of "Quanta Music Lunch," with the Strategic Alliance of Nonprofit Organization  
Reseacher: Fu-Yao Chang (Shih-Hsin University)  2009.07
5. How did a Public School Utilize Resources from Private-Sector for School Development?
Reseacher: Ying-ying Hsu (Tamkang University) 2008
6. A Case Study of Children Art Docent:Taking Art Educational Traveling Exhibit of G Foundation as an Example 
Researcher: Rouh-shing Wang (Teacher at Taipei Municipal Min Dao Elementary School)  2009.06