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Quanta Culture & Education Foundation:
Our Philosophy and Vision
Encouraging Active Learning; Inspiring Creative Thinking

On the back of its innovative and high-quality technology services, the Quanta Group has become a familiar name around the globe. However, we have not forgotten where we came from and hold firmly to the necessity of giving back to the society that initially nurtured us. Along these lines, we have worked tirelessly in Taiwan to cultivate a cultural garden from which blossoms the flowers of truth, goodness and beauty. Since its founding in 1999, the Quanta Culture & Education Foundation has worked to spread art and creative education across Taiwan, and in the past 10 years, has made continual and sustained efforts to aid and encourage the instruction and cultivation of countless children in and of the arts.

A new era of cloud computing is now upon us, bringing with it an explosion of knowledge. Learning is no longer confined by borders—national, academic, or otherwise. For children growing up in this environment, critical thinking, active questioning, and problem solving skills are vital for giving them the foundation from which they can find their place in this rapidly changing world. The Quanta Culture & Education Foundation aims to used art and cultural topics as a medium to inspire these critical skills. By creating diverse learning platforms, we are helping equip children with the skills that will allow them to be competitive in the future.

The Seeds of Brilliant Innovation and Top-notch Performance
Should Be Planted When We Are Young

Steve Jobs of Apple was famously quoted as saying, “Think different.” While Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, pointed out that the method we have used to succeed in the past, will also be our undoing if we slavishly copy it a second time around. Innovative thinking fills us with curiosity, keeps our hearts humble and open to learning. It also is an extremely important factor in bringing all aspects of our lives to the next level.

  Taiwan lacks abundant natural resources and this is precisely why we need to be smarter and create a unique value in this world. Innovation is creativity coupled with ability to manifest it in practice and application. It is the key to making our dreams come true. However, this creativity needs to be cultivated when we are still young. The Quanta Culture & Education Foundation has set for itself the primary goal of inspiring children to find this creativity within themselves, which, in the long term, can help increase Taiwan’s competitiveness on the world stage.

  I grew up in Hong Kong and founded Quanta Computers after coming to Taiwan. I love uncovering new technology trends, and have a passion for exploring the beauty of the fine arts. Technology is a key partner in the development of culture and innovation; however, culture still remains at its root. It is from culture that creativity blossoms and becomes capable of touching people’s hearts and moving the world.

A Word From Barry Lam,
Chairman of Quanta
Creativity Starts at Home and at School

Creativity is like a young sprout—it needs constant care and nourishment. However, in Taiwan’s high pressure, test-driven educational environment, many parents and teachers—although aware of the importance of creativity—are unable to shield their children or students from the immense pressure the system places on students to succeed. The result is that children’s creativity gets squashed and they lack a stage on which they can go about expressing their creative talents. The Quanta Culture & Education Foundation hopes to slowly introduce a new way of seeing educational success. By establishing philanthropic organizations that offer children, parents and teachers a way of escaping the bonds of old thinking and stagnant assumptions, together we can build an educational platform that encourages active learning and inspires creativity.

On this platform, children, parents and teachers all have a role to play as they inspire creativity in one another and learn from each other. Through such curriculums as Immersed in Creativity exhibitions and Student, Parent, and Teacher programs, we aim to inspire creative expression in children and equip them with international perspectives. At the same time, we strive to give our teachers access to better tools and knowledge, while introducing innovative educational concepts to both them and parents. Working and growing together, parents, teachers, and children can set in motion new creative ways of thinking and produce a cycle of positive feedback and inner growth.

A Word From Lori Hsu,
Executive Directorof Quanta Culture & Education Foundation
Our Mission
The Cultivation of Taiwan’s “Cultural Forest”: 5 steps
Using arts and cultural education to:
  • Inspire creativity in children
  • Equip children with critical thinking, active questioning, and problem solving skills
  • Encourage parents and teachers to become familiar with the ideas behind creative education
  • Build a creative digital learning platform
  • Promote international dialogue and world outlooks