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Immersed in Creativity Touring Exhibition
What is the Immersed in Creativity Touring Exhibition?

Partnering with major museums in Taiwan and abroad, Quanta Culture & Education Foundation organizes cultural resources into themes and creates educational exhibitions suitable for junior high and elementary school students. Making use of replicas, exhibitions can be displayed in remote villages and schools located in outlying islands. By integrating aspects of art and culture into school curriculums and forming partnerships with local communities, the Foundation is able to establish a multicultural platform that promotes lifelong learning. Moreover, exhibitions also foster creative ways of teaching while encouraging students to think outside the box and share their ideas, greatly enhancing their communication skills.

Breadth and Depth of Touring Exhibition Coverage

Which exhibitions are currently touring campuses island-side?Entering its ninth year, the Immersed in Creativity Exhibition includes 22 large-scale educational displays. Over 1000 exhibitions have been held across Taiwan, attracting over 2.3 million visitors.

This exhibition encompasses three main areas of focus: Eastern Culture, Western Art, and Environmental Art.

“Eastern Culture”Includes landscape paintings like Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains,
artworks by Max Liu, as well as displays from the Song and Southern Song dynasties.

“Western Art”Showcases the works of artists such as Jean-François Millet, Vincent van Gogh, Marc Chagall,
Pablo Picasso, Niki de Saint Phalle and An Italian Renaissance Sampler.

“Environmental Art”Touches upon topics including The Band of Singing Insects and It's our future, make the save! exhibitions.


Display Content

Touring exhibitions are displayed in schools for a period of time ranging from two weeks to one month. Displays comprise of 30-50 replica paintings, a theme scroll, information brochures and booklets for children, two to three learning displays (digital or physical display), and reference booklets.

How to become a participant for the Immersed in Creativity Exhibition
Project Team Dedicated to cultivating and encouraging creativity in teaching

Each year, the Foundation recruits an outstanding teaching team to design creative model lesson plans, which serve as sample teaching materials and resources for schools island-wide. Lesson plans encourage schools to combine unique local characteristics with the exhibitions, forming inter-disciplinary teaching materials that broaden the students’ horizons.

Exhibition Partners Collaborating with counties and cities to incorporate the power of local culture

A selection process is held annually to choose educational organizations across Taiwan to become exhibition partners. Provided with exhibition resources for one year, organizations are responsible for organizing artistic events at 10 to 16 schools in their respective cities and counties. Of those schools, four must be from areas with culturally disadvantaged backgrounds, and exhibitions must be presented in local languages to bring art closer to the lives of residents.