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Student, Parent, and Teacher Program

The Quanta Culture & Education Foundation is committed to strengthening the education system in Taiwan by making learning more effective and relevant. To achieve this goal, the Foundation created the Student, Parent, and Teacher (S.P.T.) Program, allowing students, parents, and teachers to all play integral roles in the teaching and learning process. This program endeavors to enhance learning in the areas of art, culture, and the humanities, making the process innovative, fun, and inspiring.

Looking at the future of education, the Quanta Culture & Education Foundation strives to accomplish two key goals: the first is to provide students with a platform where they can learn at their own pace, and the second is to teach students to think outside the box as they come up with creative solutions, while gaining new knowledge in the process.

The main objective is to prepare students for the challenges brought by globalization in the 21st century through the fostering of independent critical thinking and problem solving skills, thus inspiring students to ask questions and be actively involved in the learning process. This program encourages students, parents, and teachers to take part in creating an environment where students can learn both autonomously and from each other. We sincerely believe that through this three-way learning partnership, Taiwan will be able to meet future needs through the cultivation of a creative and innovative future generation.