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The Beauty and Love of MARC CHAGALL

2013/06/19 ~ 2021/06/30

The artist M. Chagall (1887-1985) was known for his adept use of color schemes, as well as for the themes of his paintings—often featuring lovers or objects turned upside floating gaily in the air. Chagall's life spanned nearly a century and he bore witness to much of turbulence and upheavals of the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. From his life, which begin in a closed Jewish settlement (shtetl) before later unfolding in France and later America, to his artwork, Chagall’s life was like the colors that graced his canvas, full of beauty and dramatic hues.
This exhibition of Chagall’s work is laid out under five categories: Time of Emerging and Impact; Beauty of Chagall's Life; Fantasy Across Time and Space; Messenger of Love and Beauty; Eternal Homeland. Observation and creativity are the core ideas behind the exhibition whose content has been laid out under the concept of “the respect and inclusion of multiculturalism.” It is hoped that students will be inspired to look within, to find ways to create new personal and social values.