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This is my hometown:Exploring the eternal dialogue across generations

2014/01/09 ~ 2022/07/31

It’s our future , make the save!

2012/09/01 ~ 2022/06/30

The relationship between man and his environment, following the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, went from one of respect and harmony to a one of endless plunder and destruction. As environm...

Singing Insects

2010/07/01 ~ 2021/12/31

This exhibition of singing insects aims to introduce children to the world of singing insects and their close relationship with human beings from a scientific, cultural, and artistic perspective. The ...

The Beauty and Love of MARC CHAGALL

2011/09/01 ~ 2021/06/30

The artist M. Chagall (1887-1985) was known for his adept use of color schemes, as well as for the themes of his paintings—often featuring lovers or objects turned upside floating gaily in the a...

An Italian Renaissance Sampler

2013/05/01 ~ 2021/06/30

The Renaissance began in 15th-century Florence, reaching its peak in the 16th century. It was a golden age of artistic, literary and scientific innovation and also an important milestone in the develo...

A Vision Perspective:Beauty in the Micro

2017/09/01 ~ 2020/07/31

Joan Miro’s Fantastical Universe

2014/01/09 ~ 2020/06/30

Sung Dynasty Cultural Exhibition

2007/09/01 ~ 2020/06/30

Today we have the chance to enjoy a visual feast of ancient art. It is our hope that this will help you appreciate the art and culture of the Sung dynasty. By learning to appreciate the great riches o...

A Tide of “Song” Fun-the Song Dynasty that is!

2010/07/01 ~ 2020/06/30

The Southern Song stands as one of the most influential and dynamic dynasties in China’s long cultural and economic history. This exhibition continues in a similar vein of cultural exploration b...

Huang Gongwang- “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”

2011/09/01 ~ 2020/06/30

The goal of the exhibition is to introduce students to the expressive and aesthetic beauty of traditional Chinese ink painting though an easy to understand and approachable format, thereby giving them...

Quanta’s “Immersion in Art Touring Exhibition – Millet”

2008/06/20 ~ 2019/08/31

Millet is well known French painter of the 19th century that favored the use of peasant scenes. He tried to convey the simplicity and thankfulness of agricultural life, as well as the peasant’s ...

Embracing Van Gogh, Exploring Life's Palette

2009/12/26 ~ 2019/07/01

In his short, 37-year life, Van Gogh served as an assistant in a gallery, a school teacher, preacher, assistant in a bookstore, and, finally, an artist. This exhibition treats as its point of departur...

Baroque Masters of Light and Shadow

2016/06/01 ~ 2019/06/30

“Baroque Masters of Light and Shadow” features three major themes “The 17th Century – An Age of Transition”, “Wizards of Light and Shadow”, “The Magic o...


2015/01/19 ~ 2018/07/31

In this exhibition, we will be taking a tour through several different spatial themes and experiences. Through its five themes—What is Space?; The Feel of Space; Spatial Games; The Illusion of S...
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